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About my compositions.

2011-10-24 13:36:43 by Realrauch

I have no "real" skills, like singing or playing instruments and am studying piano slowly. So far I am just a nerd behind a computer with synthesized sounds and samples. I try to make the synthesized instruments sound as realistic as possible, but one can only get so close.

As for the kind of music I like to make...I am not into repetitive trancey drum thumping or monotonous harmonies. Monotone guitar riffs and blast beats definitely have been done millions of times already. My pursuit goes towards "hopefully undiscovered :P " melodies with harmonies that match, hopefully changing frequently, but sometimes I fall short of those goals for whatever reason.

My influences have been chiefly from modern rock in general and from video games (which I have actually quit playing...most of the good video game music I enjoyed was pre-2000 anyway). Recently I have begun to not only appreciate but enjoy classical very much.

The tools I use so far are Ableton Live 5.0, with its own VSTs and added ones such as the Korg Wavestation and LegacyCell, which my friend gave to me, along with my laptop actually, which I am grateful for. It is not powerful enough to make composing multi-track pieces easy with Ableton, but I try my best with it when I'm motivated.

Lastly, I actually hate the idea of naming my musical works...they are usually instrumental without lyrics, so I simply name my pieces based on images that I think the piece may "describe" through sound.


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2011-10-24 14:10:23

Uhh, thank god for people like you. I get so Sick & Tired of hip hop bullshit. I actually listen to the Classiclal Music on Shaw Video. I know Dont laugh, but thats the only place i can listen to really nice instruments. I work in an office & things get so busy that all i wanna do is scream, but then i stop & think of Baytoven (i know thats not how you spell it) & others who have made such wonderfull music it fills my head with so many ideas & possibilities. Anywho lol i guess i just wanted to say hello. Feel free to comment on my page if you get a chance. Have a nice day!